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A legal resource for entrepreneurs and creative professionals.

Springer Law is a boutique practice designed to serve all of your startup and entertainment law needs.


Springer Law began with a simple premise: Starting and running a business shouldn't be any more difficult than it already is. 

Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, Michael understands the drive to create a prosperous and self-sustaining company and does not believe that drive should be stifled by looming legal bills or complex legal code. Michael assists entrepreneurs with the varied legal issues associated with running a company, allowing owners to focus on the business of their companies. 

Most big law firms, while filled with many capable and experienced attorneys, cater primarily to well established institutions.  The traditional law firm model not only places such attorneys outside the price range of most small businesses and startups, but also lacks the versatility to service the unique situations in which many smaller companies find themselves.  

That's where Springer Law comes in.  Using Springer Law, small businesses and startups get the law firm credentials, while also receiving a tailor-made service with a pricing structure that doesn't break the bank or prevent the business from getting off the ground.  

Let Springer Law work for you.

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