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Pre-Seed and Seed Investments
Springer Law represents entrepreneurs, startups, small businesses, creative professionals, and others in and around New York City. Some of the more common practice areas are listed below. For many of these services, Springer Law can offer a flat fee. Though, for projects that are complex, or uncertain in scope, hourly billing may be the only feasible method.
If your particular legal need isn't listed, don't hesitate to reach out. Most likely Springer Law can help, or refer you to someone who can.
Your business has to start somewhere. Michael helps you pick the right legal entity and location to form your business. He then prepares and files the relevant documents with the state and drafts the appropriate corporate governance documents. 
Business is run through contracts. Michael helps you prepare, review, and negotiate contracts. Whether it's walking you through the terms of a basic contract someone has given to you, or drafting and negotiating a complex agreement, Springer Law is here to help.
Whether it's a brandname, a work of art, or proprietary information, all businesses need to protect their intellectual property. Michael helps companies identify, register, protect, and enforce copyrights, trademarks, and other intellectual property. 
At a certain point, as a business grows, it will need to hire help. Whether it's an employee or independent contractor, the terms of the relationship should be memorialized in an agreement. Michael helps both employers and employees draft, review, and negotiate the terms of these agreements. Employers also encounter various employment regulations at the federal, state, and local levels. Michael helps businesses navigate these issues and ensure compliance.
Whether you're an established professional or starving artists, Springer Law serves all legal needs arising in the entertainment, media, and sports industries. Michael helps individuals and businesses in film, television, music, and publishing industries handle a variety of legal issues, including copyright licenses and options, film distribution, talent management contracts, and more.
Many new companies need an influx of capital to get off the ground. These early-stage rounds come in a variety of flavors. They could be structured as convertible notes, SAFEs, KISSes, seed round preferred stock, or a sale of common stock. In addition, to the structure, the terms can vary widely, depending on who drafted the documents and what rights have been negotiated. These financing documents are complex and carry implications in commercial and securities law. Michael helps companies structure early-stage rounds, and investors navigate financing documents and negotiate terms.
At some point, businesses must inevitably seek to legally protect their rights, or defend themselves against others asserting claims against them. Michael vigorously protects and defends the rights of his clients, while making every effort to avoid costly and protracted legal battles and trials. 
Michael can help entrepreneurs address and create a plan of action to address a variety of other legal issues that come up as they run and grow their businesses.
General Counsel
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